Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to Food & Philosophy & Fun

If you were to ask someone what makes the world go round, a scientist would tell you it is physics and gravitational pull of celestial bodies, a hippie would tell you it is love, but my answer is that food makes the world go round. Think about it . . . if you are hungry then your world slows down and almost stops until you get something in your belly.

Think about it . . . the production of food accounts for a large portion of the world economy, and in many 3rd world countries agriculture is the bulk of the economy. Check the stock market, there you can find food traded like wheat, sugar and even coffee and chocolate. If you still doubt foods economic impact lets move to a microeconomic level - namely your wallet. How much money do you spend on food. No doubt it accounts for a smaller percentage of your income than it did your ancestors (due to better production and preservation methods), but food still takes up a good portion of what you spend. Are you following me?

So let me state again, food makes the world go round. Now if you know how to combine that wheat, sugar and chocolate in the right proportions then you might just leave the earth and go to chocolate cake heaven, but that's a topic for another day.

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